Improving web performance

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Ideas to improve webperformance:

  • RustRust
    Basic Concepts

    Creating an Array

    let arr: Vec<String> = vec!["example".to_string()];

    Array of objects

    pub struct Book {
    pub id: u16,
    pub title: String,


    let arr: Vec<Sto...
    and WebAssemblyWebAssembly
    Use Rust as base language.

  • Help myself with LeptosLeptos
    Install Cargo Leptos

    for Windows Subsystem Linux and Cargo Leptos v0.2 (repository]:

    Install Rust: curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh
    Install dependencies:

    => does it really improve performance?
  • WebComponentsWebComponents


    All your mainstream UI frameworks are lying to you

Project idea

TODO Draw a diagram of this.

  • UI - WebComponents (Design System)
  • FE (routes, logic…) - Leptos (Rust) => test performance
  • BE - Leptos/Actix (Rust)
  • DB - SQLx