Add errors manually to embedded relationships in Ember Data

tags:  JavaScript, EmberJS


Uncaught Error: Attempted to handle event becameInvalid on <model-name:6315DE1CE9DB9CE94775F4D4> while in state root.loaded.saved.

log(parent.currentState.stateName); // root.loaded.updated.invalid
parent.children.forEach((child) => log(child.currentState.stateName)); // root.loaded.saved

This issue happens when we try to add errors manually to a record (usually, a belongsTo/hasMany relationship) but the record hasn't changed from the API data, so Ember's state machine says the record is valid.


In Ember v4.6, the issue would be solved only by upgrading because state machine is removed from the framework.

But, if this situation isn't possible, a workaround must be done. It would need to change the state of the record manually before add the errors:


model.errors.add(attr, message);


I think that Ember Data considers the record in a pristine state and throws that error since it assumes it can't have errors (without local changes) because it is synced with the backend?

  • According to a comment in EmberJS Discord, this issue could be fixed in v4.6.0+.